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Description :

Reception of wood waste for the Vyncke wood-burning furnace.

The furnace creates thermal steam energy used by an M+M turbine coupled to the Marelli generator.

This electrical energy is used by the mill and also transferred to the Orès 15Kv network.

The rest of the heat is collected and used by a drier.

The drier dries products for the adjoining mill or external customers.

Surplus thermal energy is dissipated by exchangers.

Architecture installed :

WinCC 8k tags operator control and monitoring system with 1 server and 2 customers.

8 PLC S7-300 racks linked via Ethernet to our WinCC server.

5 failsafe PLC architectures supplied by ATI. Use of IM151-8F PN/DP CPU.

Alarm notification by eWon 2005CD.

Curve backup and report on 2 1Tb external hard drives.

Redundant fibre optic loop between the mill and the cogeneration plant.

Remote access VPN for installation visualisation and repairs.

Network backed up by UPS 40KVA 30 minutes

Moulin Schyns