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Malt manufacturing

Belgomalt (Gembloux)

ATI also provides services for malt factories, specifically concerning barley processing stages.

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Ghlin Maltings

ATI initiated the renovating of the malt factory’s automated procedures at all levels of barley processing.

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Malterie OBOLON (Ukraine)

ATI renovated the control system of the Kiev based Obolon malt factory’s germination room.

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Malterie du Château (Beloeil)

ATI managed the renovating of various installations of the malt factory

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Margarine manufacturing

Margarinerie d’Aigremont

Dosage of raw materials for margarine manufacturing.

3 production lines each consisting of 3 dosage points (fats, liquids and additives).

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ATI was chosen by Filadelfia, a recognised brand of pasta, to renew and improve the automation of a pasta dosage machine. The pasta is packaged in 500 and 250g packets with a tolerance of +/- 2 g. The rate required is a minimum of 22 packets/min. with a maximum 1% of waste (each packet is controlled after the dosage).

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Spa Monopole - Renovation of a CIP installation

ATI renovated a CIP installation for Spa Monopole. A CIP installation is an installation for line cleaning and disinfection.

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Tropicana Looza

ATI managed a water processing project for ONDEO DEGREMONT and fitted the installation for Tropicana Looza (fruit juice). The project consisted of filtering water from a well (60M3/h). Different types of water are used for the various CIP sequences (rinsing of the installation and production tanks).

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Cereal syrup

Meurens Natural

Meurens Natural manufactures liquid and dehydrated cereal syrups.

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