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6 suiveurs de 60m²

The sun: The main source of energy on Earth

We may not perhaps always be aware of the fact, but without the sun, there would be no life on Earth. The sun determines the seasons, the climate and the day-night alternation. The growth of plants, which produce the oxygen necessary for life and are the first link in the food chain, depends directly on the sun. In less than nine minutes, the amount of energy received on the Earth in the form of solar rays is equal to the total amount of energy consumed by all humans on the planet for an entire year. And this energy is supplied free of charge and without harming the environment on which we all depend.

In Belgium, the sun’s rays emit annually a minimum of 950kWh/m², the equivalent calorific value of approx. 100L of fuel oil.

The fact alone of producing one’s electricity oneself without waste justifies adopting the solar energy approach, since it will benefit future generations.

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